zondag 3 januari 2010

Braids to the bone

pic. 1 Photographed by my, the weird face is because i actually was kssing someone gehe)
pic. 2,3,4 from www.weheartit.com

Hola sigñor(a)s!

Ohh I'm totally in love with my new "invention", haha I like to braid my hair now!  I think it's really feminin, but not really tough.. I'm searching for way's to wear braid hair with a little rock chique look.. It's a really cherrypiesweetlook.
By the way, today I went to a great theather show, and the main characters had also braid hair, with fur or feathers in it! Great style haha, someting we really need to try.. You could do such great things with our, lifeless hair haha.

My  try list:
- feathers in a braid
- flowers in a braid
- ribbons in a braid
- a lot of braids in one
(too bad I've got such short hair.. I promise pictures!)

Gone normal hair, go braids!

What's your opinion about my look? Too much grannystyle or lovely?Oh by the way, you should really check out the songs at "Currently listening to", I really really love them.. Tell me what you think about them..

Bye bye holidays, oh i really should go to bed now, and should do so much for school, yuk!

Love Charlotte

2 opmerkingen:

  1. oh my god, i'm n love with the last picture, it's so damn perfect
    i love this type of hairstyle
    you should make a tutorial or something ;P
    anyway, love your blog <3
    ps thanks for commenting on mine ;) I thought resemble red in that pic too