woensdag 24 februari 2010

My life (admission assignment!)

Photography: me
Models: Marieke van Dis, Vera van Roemburg, Mady Rockx and Anne Heeffer


Well today wasn't a bon jour at all, is stressed out so hard because all my pictures for my admission assignment for the art academies where gone!
Luckilly Peter went with my computer to a company whose could repair them while I was at school.. At the and of the day, when we all gave up, the pictures showed up! Unless the photoshopped picters, but hey, I've got them back! YAY

Thanks to my lovely models! (with a lot of patience)

Love Charlotte

zondag 14 februari 2010



Twitter has been an amazing way to communicate and share pictures and toughts, so I decided to sign up!

Love Charlotte

vrijdag 12 februari 2010


Photography: by me
Model: Marieke van Dis


Today when I went home I saw Marieke and we decided to make pictures in the snow..
I've got so much respect for her and the little cold toes!

Finally holydays! Yaaay!
Do you have plans for those days..

Love Charlotte

woensdag 10 februari 2010

Roses and a piano

What a snow.. It's so cold here..
But I'm totally inspired this week haha, love it!

This are pictures from my dad's home, a lot of roses are in the house, well a lot, perhaps I always look to them and realise that I just like that haha.
Playing the piano is my newest hobby haha, well I do that since I was young, but now I kan play chords and a melodyline in once. It's great to express yourself in such a way, I'm trying to make a song on it but it's so hard because I never got any lessons.. And, my familly doesn't like it anymore haha, way too much for them, sorry!

Love Charlotte

dinsdag 9 februari 2010

Jimmy Choo!


Oh I'm so happy when I came home today, and this package from h&m was waiting for me!
I wanted those shoes for a long time, and so I had to save my money haha (I'm horrible in that part). Normally I do'nt really buy brand clothing and shoes, but those stole my heart.

As I promised I made the pictures whose where the inspiration of my previous post.. Too bad it's too late now to photoshop them and to post them, but hey, tomorrow another day!

Love Charlotte

maandag 8 februari 2010

Reflections of a diamont

photography & makeup: by me
model: Yara Rockx


Well today has been a day full of inspiration, this are pictures inspired by the reflections of a diamond in front of our window with threes behind it.
Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures, my better camera is still broken, I want it back!
The colors and brightness fascinate me, tomorrow I'll photograph them!
Oh I've got so many ideas..

By the way, today is the day, I named Yara as my little model haha, do you like her?

This week I got a lot of assignments for the auditions from two art academies in the Netherlands, they are difficult, but hey, we like a little challenge! Wich me good luck, the auditions are in tree weeks, aaaaah!

Love Charlotte

maandag 1 februari 2010



Hmm it's still winter, so cold and snowy!
I love to look at it, but it's way to cold for me..
So here some pictures whose won't make you cold gehe

Love Charlotte