maandag 15 maart 2010

With the "P" of "Psygo"


Sorry I haven't posted for a while.. my school, social life and three jobs are taking too much time! haha.

I had auditions for the art academy Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam, and I'm accepted for the next schoolyear! wiehooo, I'm so happy haha.

Oh.. I have so many to show left, but I've to photoshop everything.. bweh and time is running out, you know... Those pictures are inspiration for me, see the last portraits of Yara.. Those are weird little crystals for the window, love to stare at it!

Last week I did a photgraphy assignment for my mothers work, she's working for an (inter)national company called 'Grontmij', usually they engage a professionalphotgrapher, but now I made the pictures for the new website! Isn't it great? I'm really ecited about it!

Love Charlotte