donderdag 7 januari 2010

Gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoes, where are you?


Hmm, I love winter! Except the cold days when your skin is so wrinkled you feel like a granny..

Today winter introduced me,

afther a lot of efforts not to fall I fell when I was on my bike.. to bad!
It's so beautifull outside and I want to make a lot of pictures from the frozen world, too bad I have so much to do for school.. And my job's calling, and we need money!

AAAAAAAAAAH horrible discovery! Yesterday I was on the website from H&M and I saw those  goreous Jimmy Choo shoes, now they dissapeared from the site! Ohh i really want those shoes so bad...

Tomorrow I'll make some lovely winterwondelanrd pictures!

By the way, check out the new video in "currently listening to".

Love Charlotte

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