vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Cigarettes for black and white

Photography: by me
Models( last picture l to r): Frank Notenboom, Stijn Dingemans, Sjors van Rijsbergen


Finally I have my diploma for high school!
I tought I would have lots of time after my exams, but it turned out to be the opposite.
I have two jobs now, I do photoshopwork, and sometimes I babysit. My social life, creativity and sleep are about to ignore, so today a day off! Now I'm doing some photoshopping from the past two months, I'll visit a friend and we'll make pancakes before I've got to work tonight. Wish me luck!

I hope you'll enjoy those pictures, personally I like them because there's something natural about those pictures.

zondag 6 juni 2010

Nikon D90 + Lightning stuff!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I got a new camera from my mom! A Nikon D90! I got it for my last birthday, my exams and my new study I'm going to do in Rotterdam (Art academy -> photography).

I got the lightning set from Grontmij for making pictures for their website and handouts. It are two flashes, an umbrella, and a softbox!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Garantee for better pictures!

Love Charlotte

dinsdag 1 juni 2010

Boys boys boys!

Photography: by me
Models: Sjors van Rijsbergen, Stijn Dingemans, Frank Notenboom


Well, something different on my way now. The first two boys asked me if I wanted to portrait them for a modelagency, and I like it! It's great to photograph some boys instead girls, something diffrent haha.

My exams are over btw! So a lot of spare time and a lot of creativity is going on! I'll show you more soon!

Love Charlotte