dinsdag 19 januari 2010

"He left me in the cart"

Photography: by me

Hy guys!

Some strange quotes for you!

"He left me in the cart"

That means literally in Dutch:
"He left me in the baked bulbs"
"Hij liet me in de gebakken peren zitten"
(peer/peren means bulb/bulbs)

"He's a great guy"

That means literally in Dutch:
"He's a cool bulb"
"Hij is een toffe peer"

I made those pictures today, oh Ireally have to study..
I'm tottally fascinated by the scars, a fact of age. Same as we do, we got scars, and wrinkel, and die.

In fact I took more pictures today, totally diffrent from those i'll post them soon!
(Maybe tonight gehhe)

Love Charlotte

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