maandag 8 februari 2010

Reflections of a diamont

photography & makeup: by me
model: Yara Rockx


Well today has been a day full of inspiration, this are pictures inspired by the reflections of a diamond in front of our window with threes behind it.
Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures, my better camera is still broken, I want it back!
The colors and brightness fascinate me, tomorrow I'll photograph them!
Oh I've got so many ideas..

By the way, today is the day, I named Yara as my little model haha, do you like her?

This week I got a lot of assignments for the auditions from two art academies in the Netherlands, they are difficult, but hey, we like a little challenge! Wich me good luck, the auditions are in tree weeks, aaaaah!

Love Charlotte

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